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Welcome to Delightful Quality Produce

Delightful Quality Produce Company is a young and innovative enterprise
dedicated to please you with fresh and delightful quality produce. Our tomatoes,
cucumbers, bell peppers, and sweet corn will delight your taste, and our customer
service will delight your needs.

At DQP, our first priority is you, the end consumer. DQP wants to assure that
you obtain the quality and service that you not only pay for but deserve. Our growers are certified by the most prestigious quality assurance agencies such as Primus Labs, GAP, and Mexico Supreme Quality.

Furthermore, DQP growers’ facility posses the only grafting laboratory in Mexico provided by the United Nations.

The objective of this project is to eliminate the use of methyl bromide and grow our
Deli­Produce in an environmental friendly manner.

DQP provides you with the ability to trace your product back to our grower. You have the ability to see when your product was picked, packaged and delivered, and to know exactly who the grower of your particular product was.

You deserve this information and DQP’’s responsibility is to share it with you.
Don’t forget to check out the back of your product label for delightful recipes!

Our Products

From our delightful tomatoes, bell peppers, and cucumbers to our sweet corn, DQP’s compromise is to grow and deliver fresh and delightful quality produce for your table.

GH Tomatoes
Bell Pepers
Sweet Corn