Fresh &
Delightful Quality
For Your Table

About Delightful Quality Produce

Fresh and Delightful Quality For Your Table

Delightful Quality Produce is the premier supplier for delicious, high-quality produce such as:

  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Bell Peppers
  • Corn

We’ve dedicated our time, resources, and experience to bring you the best produce possible imported straight from the fertile grounds of Mexico. And that’s not all…

From our consumer point of view, they too have access to information such as:

  • Mouth-watering recipes – from professional chefs around the world.
  • Lot and packaging information – just in case there’s ever an issue with the produce, they’re give the ability to look up information via the bar code.
  • Diet nutrition facts – so they can monitor their diet closely, eat well, and enjoy the fine produce.
  • The Kids Korner™ – to provide you with information on how their children can eat right and live longer, healthier, more vibrant lives.

Right off the bat, our business model consists of strategic partner with very strong core competencies. It is our directive to provide massive amounts of produce quickly, competitively, and at a very high quality.

In order to accomplish such a feat, we’ve had to develop a business model with the flexibility to serve you as our customer. So without going into trade and logistical secrets, take a look at the diagram below to get an idea of our innovative business success model.

Come to meet us and understand our philosophy and business story. We hope you enjoy it!



Delightful Quality Produce Company is located in Mesa, Arizona. Our products are grown and packaged in CD. Obregon, Sonora, Mexico, while our warehouse need is satisfied in Nogales, Arizona.

Company History

Delightful Quality Produce Company was founded on September, 2009 with the goal of providing fresh and delightful produce to our consumers and developing cordial and strong business relationships with our clients.

The company was founded by two young entrepreneurs, Tania Badilla and Jose Felix, whose parents had been importing high quality produce to the US and Canada for six years (since August, 2003). Visioning not only to position our produce on the top quality market, Jose and Tania started to work on the development of new packages for greenhouse tomatoes, aiming to expand the tomato-children market in particular.

Before the start up operation date (December, 2009), DQP decided to plan and develop a charity program as part of the Ear Candy movement in Arizona. At this point, the program is under development; however, once in production, DQP will help the Phoenix community to bring home fresh and delightful quality produce to their tables!

Delightful Quality Produce Company invites you to be part of our history.

We want to provide fresh and delightful quality produce to your tableTM for many years to come!


Company Mission

Our mission is to locate our products in the cleanest, most respectful and sustainable supermarkets in the United States and Canada.

For our distinguished and appreciable Consumers, Delightful Quality Produce promises fresh and delightful quality produce served directly from the farm to your table.

To our supermarket clients, DQP commits to deliver on time and manner every shipment, exceeding the expectations in terms of product quality and taste, delivery management, and interactive logistics.

Supply Chain and Business Model

DQP represents a group of experienced and ethical group of greenhouse growers in Mexico. Having grown different varieties of greenhouse tomatoes, bell peppers, and cucumbers for prestigious American and Canadian companies in the past, DQP group of growers guarantees top quality produce that not only meets FDA regulations but also delights your taste.

DQP certified team, which includes growers, packinghouse, and warehouse, implements an advanced traceability system that indentifies the grower and greenhouse project where the fruit is picked. Agripacking Supply, Inc is the third party company that handles all DQP warehouse needs, including second-port quality inspection, repackaging, and cooling.

GH Tomatoes
Bell Pepers
Sweet Corn