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This section is entirely designed for you!

For our Deli-Kids Neighborhood members, you are just a click-away from the FUN! Click and Have Fun!

If you are a current supplier of DQP, enjoy our forecasting system where you can also keep track of the market trend.

If you are a DQP consumer, you are just a click-away from knowing where your product comes from and when it was packaged and picked.


Trace Your Product

Want to know when and where your product was picked and packaged? You are just about one click away!

DQP T.S.™ allows you to track your order’s every move as well as, other important information. Information like:

  • Where your products were grown
  • Which greenhouse project the produce was picked
  • Where your product is in our transportation method
  • And so much more…

Please enter the serial number that appears bellow the bar code of your clamshell or vexar bag. You are just one click away!

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